Giyimkent Branch

With its design reflecting the magnificence and the glorious of Ottoman Palaces, in our restaurant you will feel the ambiance of the palace while having your meal. You will feel yourself far away from the rumble of the city while watching our poultry that wander in our botanical garden. Then you will smell the pine and live the touch of illumination and calligraphy in Lalegül lounge and experience the combination of quality and elegance in VIP, Golden, Gül, Ceramic and Carnations rooms.

While you enjoy your delicious meals, your children will have a lovely day in the arms of nature situated within our gardens accompanied by our instructors, and relieve of the stress of the day in our zoo.

Address: Tem Otoyolu Teksilkent-Giyimkent Mevkii Çamlık Sosyal Tesisleri Esenler/İstanbul 
Rezervasyon: 0212 438 30 83 - Packet Service:0212 438 38 50