Who is Ramazan Bingöl?

Ramazan Bingöl Otobiyografi

Ramazan Bingöl was born in 1967, in Biracik of Şanlıurfa province. He
studied primary school in Istanbul, but because of obligatory conditions,
he had to leave school and start to work in an early age. He finished prep
and high school, later by distance education. Ramazan Bingöl is married
and father of 4 children. He is studying at Public Administration Faculty
in Anadolu University.
He poured his experience that he gained by starting an early profissional
life, in a book, so that all of people who work in the same sector can benefit
from. In 2005, he published his book, “Restaurant Management-How
To Manage A Restaurant?”, which was the first book to be specialized in
this field in Türkiye, so it became in a short time a guiding reference. His
book “the relationship between the employer and the worker in restaurant
management” was published in 2010, and created a new pigment over the
entire working life. He wrote in Star newspaper and Istanbul Chamber of
Commerce Newspaper, in topics such as “service management and culture
of the kitchen.” He is still writting in Yeni Şafak newspaper. In addition,
he is gaving lectures at conferences and training seminars on management
and organization sectors.
Current positions: Restaurant Business Consultancy, Member of Istanbul
Esenler Provincial Council, a member of the Assembly of Commerce
Chamber and Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey.